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In addition to our popular original Pit Stop cream deodorant, we are delighted to introduce a brand-new formula enriched with the power of charcoal. This new formula not only offers effective odor protection, but it also boasts a unique solid texture that sets it apart.

Now, you have two wonderful options to choose from, each catering to your specific preferences and needs, while still maintaining our commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients:

  1. Pit Stop Cream Deodorant (Original Formula): The tried-and-true classic that offers outstanding natural protection, scented with pure essential oils.
  2. Pit Stop Charcoal Deodorant: Experience a fresh approach with our new, solid-textured formula infused with the benefits of charcoal and scented exclusively with essential oils.

Whether you prefer the creamy feel of our original deodorant or the convenience and consistency of our new charcoal-infused solid version, rest assured that both options provide a completely natural and scented experience using only the goodness of essential oils. We have crafted these options with your well-being in mind, and our goal is to provide you with the best choices for a natural and confident lifestyle.

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