Our farm is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Central PA. We raise horses and chickens and we love our farm life.

How did we come to offer natural products made on our farm? Well... knowing what ingredients are in the products we use on a daily basis was and is important to us. So, we began handcrafting our own soaps and lotion to enjoy for ourselves.

We offered our extra products to friends and family who also value natural options.

Their appreciation of our attention to detail in creating products with natural ingredients, quickly turned into demand for our products! That is when we added the artisan aspect to our already successful equestrian farm. Woodridge Farm Artisan Soaps & Such was born!

Who knew that our own need for quality natural products would lead to a new business for us?

We delight in the opportunity to share our mindfully created recipes with the World.

We have a saying on our farm, "Enjoy life's ride" and we do love this amazing ride!