Welcome to our farm nestled in the picturesque rolling hills of Central PA, where our passion for farm life thrives amidst the care of horses and chickens.

The journey toward offering natural products cultivated on our farm began with a simple belief: understanding the ingredients within our daily products is paramount. Thus, we embarked on the delightful adventure of handcrafting our own soaps and lotions for personal enjoyment.

In sharing our surplus creations with friends and family who also prioritize natural choices, we were humbled by their appreciation for the meticulous care we put into crafting products with all-natural elements. Their enthusiasm quickly transformed into a growing demand, prompting us to infuse our artisanal touch into our flourishing equestrian farm. And so, Made Down On Woodridge Farm was born!

Little did we anticipate that our quest for quality, natural products would sprout an entirely new business venture. We find immense joy in sharing our thoughtfully curated recipes with the world.

On our farm, we live by a simple motto: "Enjoy life's ride." This incredible journey is one we hold close to our hearts, and we cherish every moment along the way.

Thank you for being a part of our extraordinary adventure.

Warm Regards,
Linda - Your Farm Girl Herbalist