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Made Down On Woodridge Farm

Solid Dish Soap

Solid Dish Soap

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Organic, Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free, Zero Waste, Vegan, Handmade Solid Dish Soap Bar  Is A Cleaning Giant With A Rich, Sudsy Lather. 

Cuts stubborn grease & grime on dishes, pots and pans. AND it can also be used on counters or wet & rub directly onto clothing for an amazing stain remover.

Extremely effective and environmentally friendly - one bar replaces 2-3 bottles of liquid soap.

Soap is poured directly into the ramekin/soap dish or an aluminum tin with lid.

Refills are also available and come without a soap dish.

Dish soaps weigh approximately 4 oz.

These bars are long lasting.  Life of soap will vary depending on how many dishes you wash and if you keep the bar dry between uses.

To use: Wet a dish brush or sponge (we love sisal scrubbies!) rub it on the solid dish soap to create a lather. Apply the soapy brush to dishes and scrub away food, grease, and grime. Rinse well. Any temperature water should work, but warmer water tends to be more effective. Re-lather as needed. Be sure to drain the water from the soap (flip it upside down for a few seconds) when you are finished, this will make the soap last longer. 

Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils Of Coconut & Castor, Citric Acid, Essential Oils

Care information

Handmade soap will last a long time if kept dry between uses. We
recommend using a draining soap dish and keeping bars away from direct
streams of water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Valerie Dahl
Dish soap

The dish soap worked great , I did not care too much for the sent.

Works Perfectly!

I love this solid dish soap, it does such a great job.

Tanya Foglio
Dish soap with ramekin

I absolutely love my soap and dish it came with! It arrived in a very timely manner and was very well packaged for safe delivery. I love that the scent isn’t overly strong as I’m very sensitive to soaps. It has an incredible lather and a small amount goes a long way. I also love that a sample soap was included with my order. I highly recommend ordering from this company! I just placed another order this week for more products and got an email it has shipped next day.

Randa Sulyma
Amazing Soap

I waited to write this review until I had a chance to really use this soap. I was skeptical. Let me just say, it works better than my dawn dish soap! I have a coffee mug that I use everyday at work. I hand wash it with dawn dish soap and it always smells like coffee. The first time I washed my mug with this dish soap it smelled clean! I was sold! Grease? Let me just say that my family likes to make popcorn in a pan using coconut oil which leaves a greasy pan behind. This soap cleans it!

Barbara Ash
Solid dish soap

Love the suds and dishes sparkle after use. I will be ordering more of this!